One month to go

I’m still here! I have been very busy painting! I have one month left to meet my goal of creating 15 paintings. I have updated my gallery but I still have a few to go! I am putting in the time, and the creative energy is abundant. I am seeing a bit of an improvement in my work. I have set deadlines, for myself, to succeed. How can I let myself down, right!? I can’t.

Good news. I got a planner. A weekly planner, as my short-term, long-terms lists were getting unmanageable. I also got a financial planner. I am so excited to start using these tools in 2020. I have the whole year to learn what I need to learn about tax deductions, entrepreneurship, and living the dream.

I confess I am listening to a children’s discpline book, 1,2,3-Magic, by Thomas Phelan, PhD now. It’s actually pretty awesome, but I need to change it up so I am going to supplement with Grit, by Angela Ducksworth. I believe in the power of passion and perserverance, and so this speaks to me. It also has a lot of good reviews on Audible. Some of the things on my list for the next year include, getting an LLC, opening business bank account, signing up for some art fairs, get a pottery wheel, start painting plein-air with oils.

I also want to give back to the community. I need to learn the different ways to contribute to the less fortunate, year round. My friends and I set our minds to finding a way to help some struggling families this holiday season. We made a plan and followed through. Wow, it brings so much joy to make a difference in people’s lives, it would be wonderful to extend beyond the holiday “giving” season.

I have a budget to follow and while paying debt is the main plan for 2020, I also need to focus on living with a minimalist mindset. It can be freeing within itself, but it is necessary for me, to keep my eye on what is important, staying on track. It is to live simply in a way that is not based on the “stuff” around me.

Here are my latest paintings for the most part although my signature is missing at the moment. It is unlikely, but possible, that they could change..


Stay Positive

So I am drowning myself in affirmations because there is so much potential in negative energy in the world and it can suck you in.

It’s literally like moving mountains to push through your fear and be your best successful entrepreneur self. Not easy.

On my ride to work I listen to self-development audio books, currently Jen Sincero. It’s a great start to the day, like a morning coaching session. I want to open an artist run gallery and cafe in Ogunquit Maine. I want to work for myself and show my daughters anything is possible with hard work and determination. My job is a launchpad for financial independence. Ideally I work for myself. Wouldn’t that be something?

I have been working on a business plan but I get discouraged at the financial part. Working on the vision. Also need to get a notebook journal to write my goals and dreams and set timelines, meditation and prayer. This is happening.


building momentum

You have to find it in yourself to self-promote. I mean geez do you think your dreams will come true without hard work and enthusiasm?!

Mother & Child, 24×30 Acrylic on Canvas

Seriously though, despite that I probably could just live in a cave, create art and be happy, I am going to put myself out there and network in the art community. I signed up for a local ArtWalk. I am relentlessly chasing a dream of owning an eclectic gallery/cafe in Ogunquit, Maine – and not giving up. I am moving away from the whimsical ideology of working on a bazillion projects at once. Oh, did I mention I work for a large organization, in a cubicle all day, and need to create like ten paintings in two weeks?!

A wide cast net is not helpful when you are trying to set definitive goals. The volume of distractions piles up and can make you feel like you are all over the place. Sure, you dabble in this and that, and are good at a multitude of things, but ultimately this lack of specialization will derail you. This scatterbrain method has distracted me my whole life! Focus is required to create something exceptionally well.

Work in Progress

Streamlined processes are energized when you activate many small steps from a big plan. This creates momentum in accomplishments which is great when you are facing fear and self-doubt. It is empowering to know that there are things I can do now in order to set myself up for success. Documenting the steps forces you to fine tune the scope into a series of actions. Even the smallest victories are so rewarding at this stage.

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Dream Big

In my quest to conquer the world and become self-employed, I anticipate I will have to make sacrifices and I will have to compromise. If I just allow myself to dream big, I can take a hit here and there, right?

I am working on my first pass on a business plan, laying the groundwork for the first few years. I have to document attainable milestones with reasonable deadlines. Although profit is not expected in early stages, strategic steps will be place allowing for future expansion. The plan is a living document which will evolve, so it can’t hurt to start even though the fun part seems far off.

Keeping the vision and the self-fulfilling, living with intention attitude, I continue to chase my dream. How fun would it be to run a gallery, studio, cafe in a touristy seaside village?! Seems impossible, but is it?!

Company Description – 3-5 pages

Mission Statement – Open an eclectic café with comfortable seating in a gallery featuring work by local artists. There!

Business Goals and Objectives – Provide a welcoming atmosphere for art collectors, artists, tourists, locals, pet-friendly

Products or Services – Fine Art, Beverages, Pastries, Art Instruction, Pottery, Gallery space for lease

Target Market – Tourists in beachside town, local artists, and community, art collectors, book clubs, social meet-ups

Industry – Art Community, Experience seekers, Coffee drinkers, Tourists, Expand on tourist industry and thriving art community

Management Structures –

Phase One – 2019 – Square One! Complete 15 paintings, and photographs, create online gallery, create business plan, research opening a cafe, find a place to lease, join an art community, pay off credit card debt, collect eclectic gallery items for labeling artwork, lampshades, coffee drip

Phase Two – 2020 – Create Revenue! Apply business loan, Lease commercial studio space, sell basic coffee & scones on weekends, seek out artists to sell at commission, teach a class on weekend, seek out artists to teach classes, research sign-up trackers online, advertise, network, pay off student loans and car, and business loan.

Phase Three – 2021 – Hire two people to serve coffee , teach art classes to public, rent gallery space to artists, become part of artwalk, Paint on a large canvas, get pottery wheel

Phase Four – 2022 – Expand! Ice cream soda, frappes, Apply for second business loan. Relocate. Hire three more employees to expand hours in Summer. Offer more classes, clubs, groups. Sell pottery. Become incorporated

Organization Structure – Owned by me, self-employed, partnered with my two daughters

Legal Structure – Sole Proprietorship

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Carving out “Me Time” Ridiculously Early in the Morning

I am an artist, and a minimalist – always looking to improve. I have a brand, Kalichoo – that is named after the first couple of letters of mine and my daughter’s names. We plan to open our own business in the future – a gallery of sorts. This idea is evolving and I am allowing it to do so.

I started listening to The 5am Club audio book to get the motivation to – be motivated!! Oh my, so I was about halfway through the book and was just about sold – and then he started saying that the first order of business is sweaty exercise!! I was like oh no, should I turn back?! I got to thinking about it and I was disappointed that this was in fact what I needed to do. I need to face my fears, and my enemy named, “procrastination” – and just do it.

I will be removing my cell phone from my room – which has been my best friend at bedtime. I ordered an old school alarm clock – and am slightly excited about it. It has green numbers and is not too bright. The sounding alarm gradually increases in volume. This is perfect as I am usually a light sleeper, and don’t want to wake the girls.

Yesterday was really my first time getting up so early, on purpose. I actually get up at 5am anyway so for me it is actually the 4am club. This is insane, I know. However, I felt amazing yesterday, and again today – really focused and so proud of myself! I was able to invest in myself, first thing in the morning, with a 20 minutes of intense exercise ( 3 sets of jumping jacks, pushups, and flutter kicks, and a sun salutation), journaling for 20 minutes focused on gratitude and reflection, and painting while listening to powerful positive music. This is the answer I have been looking for.

As a single mom, of two active girls – it is extremely difficult to find time for myself. I am carving it out, and I understand I will need to push through fear and self-inflicted resistance, procrastination, and exhaustion. I need to push through for 66 days before it becomes a real habit.

This is a great start to 2020. Although I did not meet my goal of completing 15 paintings in 2019, I did come really close. And, I am continuing to create, and I forgive myself. Realizing that art and true creative processes cannot be rushed, I will continue to work toward greatness.

My goals for 2020 remain to integrate into the art community, develop my business plan, and to pay off debt.

This, I can do!


I have officially been derailed from my master plan. Life happens. When your child is sick, you really can’t focus on much else. I hate to say I had some things that took priority over my dreams. It was so stressful and although I was aware at the time that it was pulling me away from my plan – I struggled as the focus slipped away.

I am re-igniting this desire to manifest Kalichoo Gallery, Studio, & Café. I can still meet my goals that have a deadline of 2019. I can still complete 15 paintings, apply for an LLC, and start working toward making Kalichoo a reality. I see myself in an eclectic coffee shop studio gallery. I am starting to verbalize my dream as if it will be manifested. I am working on the confidence piece. All of the moving parts will come together, the artists, customers, employees, myself – working together to infuse creative living in my community. There are opportunities, hope, and positive energy flowing in all directions. My daughters will hold me to this as this is a goal we have set together. In two years, we will open the business. It is possible. We can do this.

This past weekend, while taking breaks from painting canvases and doing laundry, we were playing a new game – Ms. Monopoly. I was hoping to use the game  to showcase women can do anything, as we embark on our journey to entrepreneurship. I have to say I was a bit disappointed. What I really mean is I was appalled at whoever created this piece of crap. The game blatantly missed the mark. Boardwalk – was….. “Chocolate Chip Cookies”!! All of the properties were inventions by women, with a little story on the back of the card. Chocolate Chip Cookies, are you serious??!! On the back of the card it described how the “inventor” discovered the icon cookies on accident when she spilled the chips in her chocolate cookie mix. Wow, I think they could have come up with something a little better for Boardwalk!! Maybe what they meant to say was Jane Cooke Wright, who was on oncologist that pioneered the use of chemotherapy, or maybe they should have used the underwater telescope which was patented by Sarah Mather in 1845. Some of the other inventions in the game included the dishwasher, a hairbrush, and leak-proof diapers!!! I also did not like that when you pass go, you get 200 if you are a man, but if you are a women – you get 240. The slogan of the game reads, “The only game where women make more than men.” Honestly, the goal of equality (equal pay) is still a work in progress and this is not funny. My 8 – year old, Chloe is convinced that this game was designed by a man.

Anyway, we will continue to blaze the trails of the business world, even if only in the confines in our imaginations for the time being. Building confidence and vision in my mind is a surprisingly big challenge. I am currently listening to the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People audiobook by Stephen Covey. I believe that with enough passion, we will be unstoppable.

I Have Faith

Okay so now that we have established that I have no idea what I am doing, I need to clarify a few things. Just because I have never done this before, does not mean that I am lacking the confidence or motivation to become successful in business. I will not be derailed by the occasional rejection or discouragement. I have such a powerful desire to create this life for myself and I believe with every fiber of my being that it is possible. In fact, I am so excited about this that I am documenting my journey to success in this blog. In a way I am exposing my vulnerability and risking failure publicly as sort of a social experiment to prove to the world that anything is possible. I want to show people who are in different stages in their own lives, that it can be done. I wish I could have had come to this realization years ago but perhaps you come to terms when the time is right for you.

work in progress

In order for me to be successful on this mission, I have set out a timeline. This is crucial because within the big milestones are several little ones which bring me an enormous amount of joy every time I complete one. My plan for 2020 is to get out there as an artist, and create tons of work. 2021 is a good year to lease a commercial space for a gallery & cafe. 2022 I would like to expand in all directions.

I don’t have a huge volume of artwork to show so I am sort of cramming to get this ball rolling. How can I be an artist with no work to show? FYI I recently divorced and moved back to New England and let’s just say I was thrust into minimalism. Don’t get me wrong, there is something wonderful about leaving your junk behind and starting over. I believe in the richness of a simple life. A life that is stripped down to the bare bones where the little things are all that matters. Kindness, Love, and Abundance, for myself and those around me. It is not measured with things.

Of course we have all kinds of other distractions which we must fight off like resisting the urge to play candy crush or scroll through social media on our phones all day. The struggle is real. I refuse to let the pull of technology tear me away from my life’s passion. Delete. Delete. Instead, I am pulling together resources and power-ups for crushing life.


I am going to open a gallery & cafe someday – a really cool one that showcases local artists’ work. I am working on the very early stages of my plan, which happens to be my planning phase. I am working on my business plan and creating art. I got a lot done today, made a lot of progress. I have been painting a lot lately. Although I haven’t signed a painting in what seems like an eternity, I am breaking some serious personal barriers.

Will continue to power-paint over the next couple of weeks so I can have some work to show at the ArtWalk.

No Clue

Blogging is a little bit addictive. I started writing to document my journey to entrepreneurship to keep myself accountable. After a couple people subscribed I felt some responsibility for the content like it should have some sort of wisdom. Guess what, for those of you just joining – I don’t have a clue what I’m doing. I am totally just winging it here.

Sometimes I think I don’t really stand a chance, and my fear of failure should be kept at bay by whatever means possible. Giving up on a wild dream would be a logical choice. The truth is that I need to constantly be aware, and have some tools to deal with this stuff. I am getting another audio book. I need to infuse positive motivation into my thoughts so it runs through my veins.

Abundance – Work in Progress

Every time I think of the financial garbage I get very discouraged. Seriously considering a Kickstarter. This is a creative project, right?! An artist run gallery is totally a creative project. I really need to be creative with funding options!

Starting at the end, moving backwards.

Kalichoo Gallery & Cafe with handcrafted mugs!

I am seriously considering getting a pottery wheel. I could add products to art fairs to build revenue. THEN, I can apply for a business loan, and also use homemade mugs in the cafe!!! That would be so cool! I totally need a pottery wheel. Glazing amazing colors is definitely in my near future! And as weird as it sounds I would love to mass produce art. It would be the most rewarding feeling ever.

Focus. Don’t Give Up. Focus. Don’t Give Up. Focus.

Anything is Possible

As a child I was always told I can do anything I want to do. So I should have no excuse, right? Why am I stuck in this 9-5 then? As I grew up, the anything, had to conform to be realistic and able to shrink to fit in the constraints of what is expected from me in society. The cubicle at work has served me well, but I gotta find another way!

I always thought the people who can do anything, were already equipped with tons of support and had lots of extra cash lying around. This debilitating myth led me to believe that thinking outside the box was too risky.

All done with that. I am unstoppable. It’s like I see what’s been there all along. I have all the tools, and so do you.

Dreaming big without a plan is reckless, but with one – well I believe it’s the magic key! I really believe that I can do anything!

Sure, documentation of a plan doesn’t sound like a lot of fun. However, the creation of a successful business plan can open up a world of possibilities. It can clear a path into the life you really want. Armor yourself against your fear. Recognize your distractions. Get inspired with music or affirmations or whatever. Every time you get a twinge of fear, crush it. You have the power to prevent it from becoming anything more than a glimmer.

Square one here!

I signed up for a local ArtWalk – just need to crank out some paintings!!! Good thing it is work I enjoy!!! I am carving out some time for myself.

I want to show my daughters that dreams can come true! I want to open an actual gallery and cafe in Ogunquit, Maine. Join me as I take my business from an idea to reality. Our brand is Kalichoo, the first couple letters of our names – Katelyn, Lisa, and Chloe.

Cultivating Greatness

I have been trying to do everything all at once, and dreaming big. I am learning that in order to be successful, I need to allow myself moments of quiet as well. I am picking away at my business plan, but my quest to open an artist run gallery and cafe requires me to focus on painting. A lot of painting. I also believe the more you paint, the better you get.

Although I have big dreams, success often seems so far off. I am going to focus on small manageable steps to allow myself the feeling of accomplishment. Greatness needs to be baked into my daily life, and not reserved only for my end game. If I allow myself to build upon my small achievements, I can more easily accept my losses. And they will come. I am almost excited to get my first, “No.” Bring it!

I finished a painting! I signed it, and that means it is done. That gave me an enormous amount of satisfaction.

Beach Day 24×36 Acrylic on Canvas

I think that my downfall in the past was that I always had so many projects and ideas, and areas of my life I wanted to improve that nothing got all my attention. I got it now. I understand that it’s gotta be one for the money. It’s not really about the money but it sounds good, right?

I am working hard, planning and creating, and although no one really sees this part – I am manifesting greatness, everyday.

I encourage you to take your big dreams and break them down into smaller ones. Don’t give up! Hard work, persistence and focus will payoff – I just know it. Please subscribe below and join me on a journey to success, cultivating greatness along the way.