DBA Kalichoo

Hello everyone I would like to introduce myself to you.

If we are supposed to learn from our failures, then I have learned a lot. The path is clear. I am putting this out to the universe, that I have a small business. I have been so afraid of putting my dreams out there that it has become something to keep quiet about. I must say that the one thing my business has been abundant in, is failures. It is more of a shell of a business with two failing products. Amazon FBA was not my destiny.

I am an artist. I love to create in many mediums and would absolutely be passionate and productive if I could devote more time to being creative. The more, the better. Painting has been my go to source of inspiration however I also love sculpture. I absolutely must provide myself with a studio, which is not on the corner of the kitchen counter.

I created a brand, an empty shell. This is my placeholder! The business name is designed by the first two letters of myself and my two girl’s names, Katelyn and Chloe. They are nine and eight, respectively. My business is named Kalichoo.

I am reading, “Girl, Stop Apologizing”, and listening to the audiobook, “Don’t Let Fear Control You”. I am soaking in the powerful mantras and the path is manifesting itself in ways of insight. I am diving in the world of entrepreneurship to live a creative and purposeful life.

Right now, Kalichoo sells unicorn cupcake holders and a cheap unicorn cake decoration set. I took pictures with the girls and we designed the page but we did not have the name of the brand on the image. That was our mistake! A brand needs to be embedded in the experience of the item or even service. People could just take your images, and become a leech on your product advertising.

New Goal: Gallery/Cafe with eclectic design, and comfortable seating, Art collaboration/gallery/studio/for hire, coffee/tea/juice/martinis

First steps: Create many paintings/Donate a painting/Win an art award/Thank you cards, Business plan, pay off debt

Join me on this journey to financial freedom, from the distant far off land of the rat race. Please subscribe below, and let me know how you are putting your life goals into action. What invoked in you the spirit of apologetically going for it?

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