Dream Big

In my quest to conquer the world and become self-employed, I anticipate I will have to make sacrifices and I will have to compromise. If I just allow myself to dream big, I can take a hit here and there, right?

I am working on my first pass on a business plan, laying the groundwork for the first few years. I have to document attainable milestones with reasonable deadlines. Although profit is not expected in early stages, strategic steps will be place allowing for future expansion. The plan is a living document which will evolve, so it can’t hurt to start even though the fun part seems far off.

Keeping the vision and the self-fulfilling, living with intention attitude, I continue to chase my dream. How fun would it be to run a gallery, studio, cafe in a touristy seaside village?! Seems impossible, but is it?!

Company Description – 3-5 pages

Mission Statement – Open an eclectic café with comfortable seating in a gallery featuring work by local artists. There!

Business Goals and Objectives – Provide a welcoming atmosphere for art collectors, artists, tourists, locals, pet-friendly

Products or Services – Fine Art, Beverages, Pastries, Art Instruction, Pottery, Gallery space for lease

Target Market – Tourists in beachside town, local artists, and community, art collectors, book clubs, social meet-ups

Industry – Art Community, Experience seekers, Coffee drinkers, Tourists, Expand on tourist industry and thriving art community

Management Structures –

Phase One – 2019 – Square One! Complete 15 paintings, and photographs, create online gallery, create business plan, research opening a cafe, find a place to lease, join an art community, pay off credit card debt, collect eclectic gallery items for labeling artwork, lampshades, coffee drip

Phase Two – 2020 – Create Revenue! Apply business loan, Lease commercial studio space, sell basic coffee & scones on weekends, seek out artists to sell at commission, teach a class on weekend, seek out artists to teach classes, research sign-up trackers online, advertise, network, pay off student loans and car, and business loan.

Phase Three – 2021 – Hire two people to serve coffee , teach art classes to public, rent gallery space to artists, become part of artwalk, Paint on a large canvas, get pottery wheel

Phase Four – 2022 – Expand! Ice cream soda, frappes, Apply for second business loan. Relocate. Hire three more employees to expand hours in Summer. Offer more classes, clubs, groups. Sell pottery. Become incorporated

Organization Structure – Owned by me, self-employed, partnered with my two daughters

Legal Structure – Sole Proprietorship

What if we all put our dreams into a realistic plan? Please join me as I fake it until I make it. Subscribe below.

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