Cultivating Greatness

I have been trying to do everything all at once, and dreaming big. I am learning that in order to be successful, I need to allow myself moments of quiet as well. I am picking away at my business plan, but my quest to open an artist run gallery and cafe requires me to focus on painting. A lot of painting. I also believe the more you paint, the better you get.

Although I have big dreams, success often seems so far off. I am going to focus on small manageable steps to allow myself the feeling of accomplishment. Greatness needs to be baked into my daily life, and not reserved only for my end game. If I allow myself to build upon my small achievements, I can more easily accept my losses. And they will come. I am almost excited to get my first, “No.” Bring it!

I finished a painting! I signed it, and that means it is done. That gave me an enormous amount of satisfaction.

Beach Day 24×36 Acrylic on Canvas

I think that my downfall in the past was that I always had so many projects and ideas, and areas of my life I wanted to improve that nothing got all my attention. I got it now. I understand that it’s gotta be one for the money. It’s not really about the money but it sounds good, right?

I am working hard, planning and creating, and although no one really sees this part – I am manifesting greatness, everyday.

I encourage you to take your big dreams and break them down into smaller ones. Don’t give up! Hard work, persistence and focus will payoff – I just know it. Please subscribe below and join me on a journey to success, cultivating greatness along the way.

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