building momentum

You have to find it in yourself to self-promote. I mean geez do you think your dreams will come true without hard work and enthusiasm?!

Mother & Child, 24×30 Acrylic on Canvas

Seriously though, despite that I probably could just live in a cave, create art and be happy, I am going to put myself out there and network in the art community. I signed up for a local ArtWalk. I am relentlessly chasing a dream of owning an eclectic gallery/cafe in Ogunquit, Maine – and not giving up. I am moving away from the whimsical ideology of working on a bazillion projects at once. Oh, did I mention I work for a large organization, in a cubicle all day, and need to create like ten paintings in two weeks?!

A wide cast net is not helpful when you are trying to set definitive goals. The volume of distractions piles up and can make you feel like you are all over the place. Sure, you dabble in this and that, and are good at a multitude of things, but ultimately this lack of specialization will derail you. This scatterbrain method has distracted me my whole life! Focus is required to create something exceptionally well.

Work in Progress

Streamlined processes are energized when you activate many small steps from a big plan. This creates momentum in accomplishments which is great when you are facing fear and self-doubt. It is empowering to know that there are things I can do now in order to set myself up for success. Documenting the steps forces you to fine tune the scope into a series of actions. Even the smallest victories are so rewarding at this stage.

Please subscribe and join me on my adventure to success. Not. Giving. Up.

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