Anything is Possible

As a child I was always told I can do anything I want to do. So I should have no excuse, right? Why am I stuck in this 9-5 then? As I grew up, the anything, had to conform to be realistic and able to shrink to fit in the constraints of what is expected from me in society. The cubicle at work has served me well, but I gotta find another way!

I always thought the people who can do anything, were already equipped with tons of support and had lots of extra cash lying around. This debilitating myth led me to believe that thinking outside the box was too risky.

All done with that. I am unstoppable. It’s like I see what’s been there all along. I have all the tools, and so do you.

Dreaming big without a plan is reckless, but with one – well I believe it’s the magic key! I really believe that I can do anything!

Sure, documentation of a plan doesn’t sound like a lot of fun. However, the creation of a successful business plan can open up a world of possibilities. It can clear a path into the life you really want. Armor yourself against your fear. Recognize your distractions. Get inspired with music or affirmations or whatever. Every time you get a twinge of fear, crush it. You have the power to prevent it from becoming anything more than a glimmer.

Square one here!

I signed up for a local ArtWalk – just need to crank out some paintings!!! Good thing it is work I enjoy!!! I am carving out some time for myself.

I want to show my daughters that dreams can come true! I want to open an actual gallery and cafe in Ogunquit, Maine. Join me as I take my business from an idea to reality. Our brand is Kalichoo, the first couple letters of our names – Katelyn, Lisa, and Chloe.

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