No Clue

Blogging is a little bit addictive. I started writing to document my journey to entrepreneurship to keep myself accountable. After a couple people subscribed I felt some responsibility for the content like it should have some sort of wisdom. Guess what, for those of you just joining – I don’t have a clue what I’m doing. I am totally just winging it here.

Sometimes I think I don’t really stand a chance, and my fear of failure should be kept at bay by whatever means possible. Giving up on a wild dream would be a logical choice. The truth is that I need to constantly be aware, and have some tools to deal with this stuff. I am getting another audio book. I need to infuse positive motivation into my thoughts so it runs through my veins.

Abundance – Work in Progress

Every time I think of the financial garbage I get very discouraged. Seriously considering a Kickstarter. This is a creative project, right?! An artist run gallery is totally a creative project. I really need to be creative with funding options!

Starting at the end, moving backwards.

Kalichoo Gallery & Cafe with handcrafted mugs!

I am seriously considering getting a pottery wheel. I could add products to art fairs to build revenue. THEN, I can apply for a business loan, and also use homemade mugs in the cafe!!! That would be so cool! I totally need a pottery wheel. Glazing amazing colors is definitely in my near future! And as weird as it sounds I would love to mass produce art. It would be the most rewarding feeling ever.

Focus. Don’t Give Up. Focus. Don’t Give Up. Focus.

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