I Have Faith

Okay so now that we have established that I have no idea what I am doing, I need to clarify a few things. Just because I have never done this before, does not mean that I am lacking the confidence or motivation to become successful in business. I will not be derailed by the occasional rejection or discouragement. I have such a powerful desire to create this life for myself and I believe with every fiber of my being that it is possible. In fact, I am so excited about this that I am documenting my journey to success in this blog. In a way I am exposing my vulnerability and risking failure publicly as sort of a social experiment to prove to the world that anything is possible. I want to show people who are in different stages in their own lives, that it can be done. I wish I could have had come to this realization years ago but perhaps you come to terms when the time is right for you.

work in progress

In order for me to be successful on this mission, I have set out a timeline. This is crucial because within the big milestones are several little ones which bring me an enormous amount of joy every time I complete one. My plan for 2020 is to get out there as an artist, and create tons of work. 2021 is a good year to lease a commercial space for a gallery & cafe. 2022 I would like to expand in all directions.

I don’t have a huge volume of artwork to show so I am sort of cramming to get this ball rolling. How can I be an artist with no work to show? FYI I recently divorced and moved back to New England and let’s just say I was thrust into minimalism. Don’t get me wrong, there is something wonderful about leaving your junk behind and starting over. I believe in the richness of a simple life. A life that is stripped down to the bare bones where the little things are all that matters. Kindness, Love, and Abundance, for myself and those around me. It is not measured with things.

Of course we have all kinds of other distractions which we must fight off like resisting the urge to play candy crush or scroll through social media on our phones all day. The struggle is real. I refuse to let the pull of technology tear me away from my life’s passion. Delete. Delete. Instead, I am pulling together resources and power-ups for crushing life.

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