I have officially been derailed from my master plan. Life happens. When your child is sick, you really can’t focus on much else. I hate to say I had some things that took priority over my dreams. It was so stressful and although I was aware at the time that it was pulling me away from my plan – I struggled as the focus slipped away.

I am re-igniting this desire to manifest Kalichoo Gallery, Studio, & Café. I can still meet my goals that have a deadline of 2019. I can still complete 15 paintings, apply for an LLC, and start working toward making Kalichoo a reality. I see myself in an eclectic coffee shop studio gallery. I am starting to verbalize my dream as if it will be manifested. I am working on the confidence piece. All of the moving parts will come together, the artists, customers, employees, myself – working together to infuse creative living in my community. There are opportunities, hope, and positive energy flowing in all directions. My daughters will hold me to this as this is a goal we have set together. In two years, we will open the business. It is possible. We can do this.

This past weekend, while taking breaks from painting canvases and doing laundry, we were playing a new game – Ms. Monopoly. I was hoping to use the game  to showcase women can do anything, as we embark on our journey to entrepreneurship. I have to say I was a bit disappointed. What I really mean is I was appalled at whoever created this piece of crap. The game blatantly missed the mark. Boardwalk – was….. “Chocolate Chip Cookies”!! All of the properties were inventions by women, with a little story on the back of the card. Chocolate Chip Cookies, are you serious??!! On the back of the card it described how the “inventor” discovered the icon cookies on accident when she spilled the chips in her chocolate cookie mix. Wow, I think they could have come up with something a little better for Boardwalk!! Maybe what they meant to say was Jane Cooke Wright, who was on oncologist that pioneered the use of chemotherapy, or maybe they should have used the underwater telescope which was patented by Sarah Mather in 1845. Some of the other inventions in the game included the dishwasher, a hairbrush, and leak-proof diapers!!! I also did not like that when you pass go, you get 200 if you are a man, but if you are a women – you get 240. The slogan of the game reads, “The only game where women make more than men.” Honestly, the goal of equality (equal pay) is still a work in progress and this is not funny. My 8 – year old, Chloe is convinced that this game was designed by a man.

Anyway, we will continue to blaze the trails of the business world, even if only in the confines in our imaginations for the time being. Building confidence and vision in my mind is a surprisingly big challenge. I am currently listening to the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People audiobook by Stephen Covey. I believe that with enough passion, we will be unstoppable.

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