One month to go

I’m still here! I have been very busy painting! I have one month left to meet my goal of creating 15 paintings. I have updated my gallery but I still have a few to go! I am putting in the time, and the creative energy is abundant. I am seeing a bit of an improvement in my work. I have set deadlines, for myself, to succeed. How can I let myself down, right!? I can’t.

Good news. I got a planner. A weekly planner, as my short-term, long-terms lists were getting unmanageable. I also got a financial planner. I am so excited to start using these tools in 2020. I have the whole year to learn what I need to learn about tax deductions, entrepreneurship, and living the dream.

I confess I am listening to a children’s discpline book, 1,2,3-Magic, by Thomas Phelan, PhD now. It’s actually pretty awesome, but I need to change it up so I am going to supplement with Grit, by Angela Ducksworth. I believe in the power of passion and perserverance, and so this speaks to me. It also has a lot of good reviews on Audible. Some of the things on my list for the next year include, getting an LLC, opening business bank account, signing up for some art fairs, get a pottery wheel, start painting plein-air with oils.

I also want to give back to the community. I need to learn the different ways to contribute to the less fortunate, year round. My friends and I set our minds to finding a way to help some struggling families this holiday season. We made a plan and followed through. Wow, it brings so much joy to make a difference in people’s lives, it would be wonderful to extend beyond the holiday “giving” season.

I have a budget to follow and while paying debt is the main plan for 2020, I also need to focus on living with a minimalist mindset. It can be freeing within itself, but it is necessary for me, to keep my eye on what is important, staying on track. It is to live simply in a way that is not based on the “stuff” around me.

Here are my latest paintings for the most part although my signature is missing at the moment. It is unlikely, but possible, that they could change..

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