Carving out “Me Time” Ridiculously Early in the Morning

I am an artist, and a minimalist – always looking to improve. I have a brand, Kalichoo – that is named after the first couple of letters of mine and my daughter’s names. We plan to open our own business in the future – a gallery of sorts. This idea is evolving and I am allowing it to do so.

I started listening to The 5am Club audio book to get the motivation to – be motivated!! Oh my, so I was about halfway through the book and was just about sold – and then he started saying that the first order of business is sweaty exercise!! I was like oh no, should I turn back?! I got to thinking about it and I was disappointed that this was in fact what I needed to do. I need to face my fears, and my enemy named, “procrastination” – and just do it.

I will be removing my cell phone from my room – which has been my best friend at bedtime. I ordered an old school alarm clock – and am slightly excited about it. It has green numbers and is not too bright. The sounding alarm gradually increases in volume. This is perfect as I am usually a light sleeper, and don’t want to wake the girls.

Yesterday was really my first time getting up so early, on purpose. I actually get up at 5am anyway so for me it is actually the 4am club. This is insane, I know. However, I felt amazing yesterday, and again today – really focused and so proud of myself! I was able to invest in myself, first thing in the morning, with a 20 minutes of intense exercise ( 3 sets of jumping jacks, pushups, and flutter kicks, and a sun salutation), journaling for 20 minutes focused on gratitude and reflection, and painting while listening to powerful positive music. This is the answer I have been looking for.

As a single mom, of two active girls – it is extremely difficult to find time for myself. I am carving it out, and I understand I will need to push through fear and self-inflicted resistance, procrastination, and exhaustion. I need to push through for 66 days before it becomes a real habit.

This is a great start to 2020. Although I did not meet my goal of completing 15 paintings in 2019, I did come really close. And, I am continuing to create, and I forgive myself. Realizing that art and true creative processes cannot be rushed, I will continue to work toward greatness.

My goals for 2020 remain to integrate into the art community, develop my business plan, and to pay off debt.

This, I can do!

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