Carving out “Me Time” Ridiculously Early in the Morning

I am an artist, and a minimalist – always looking to improve. I have a brand, Kalichoo – that is named after the first couple of letters of mine and my daughter’s names. We plan to open our own business in the future – a gallery of sorts. This idea is evolving and I am […]

No Clue

Blogging is a little bit addictive. I started writing to document my journey to entrepreneurship to keep myself accountable. After a couple people subscribed I felt some responsibility for the content like it should have some sort of wisdom. Guess what, for those of you just joining – I don’t have a clue what I’m […]

building momentum

You have to find it in yourself to self-promote. I mean geez do you think your dreams will come true without hard work and enthusiasm?! Seriously though, despite that I probably could just live in a cave, create art and be happy, I am going to put myself out there and network in the art […]