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Featuring Maine Artist, Lisa Boudreau

Acrylic on Canvas

Thank you for visiting my online gallery. Updates in progress, please come back soon!

Bio My full name is Lisa Marie Boudreau, and I grew up on the Southern coast of Maine. I have always had a creative spirit which translated into numerous random projects including photography, quilting, web-design, mask-making, and drawing. My current focus is dedicated to acrylic painting on canvas. I will be transitioning to oils in 2020. I attended a handful of design and art history classes at the University of Southern Maine. My artwork was featured at a popular restaurant, which led to the sale of several pieces. I spent several years traveling and exploring while serving six years in the United States Air Force. My job was working as a computer networking and cryptographic technician. I currently work as an Informatics Nurse. When I am not at work I am spending time with my family and working on creative projects.

Artist Statement I am motivated by the ideology of living a creative life. I find painting to bring me a sense of connection to the universe. I consider my style to be impressionist. I do not aim to recreate images, rather to depict the beauty of the world in a unique perspective. I love the juxtaposition of diverse colors in order to reveal a style with bold brushstrokes. I do not limit my subjects to any one area but there is definitely a common theme of the Maine coast. I often work on several pieces at once, allowing myself to change gears and gain a fresh perspective. I would like to expand my portfolio to include photography and ceramics in the future. I enjoy working with other artists for inspiration and collaboration on projects.

Email me at kalichoostudio@gmail.com

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