Dream Big

In my quest to conquer the world and become self-employed, I anticipate I will have to make sacrifices and I will have to compromise. If I just allow myself to dream big, I can take a hit here and there, right?

I am working on my first pass on a business plan, laying the groundwork for the first few years. I have to document attainable milestones with reasonable deadlines. Although profit is not expected in early stages, strategic steps will be place allowing for future expansion. The plan is a living document which will evolve, so it can’t hurt to start even though the fun part seems far off.

Keeping the vision and the self-fulfilling, living with intention attitude, I continue to chase my dream. How fun would it be to run a gallery, studio, cafe in a touristy seaside village?! Seems impossible, but is it?!

Company Description – 3-5 pages

Mission Statement – Open an eclectic café with comfortable seating in a gallery featuring work by local artists. There!

Business Goals and Objectives – Provide a welcoming atmosphere for art collectors, artists, tourists, locals, pet-friendly

Products or Services – Fine Art, Beverages, Pastries, Art Instruction, Pottery, Gallery space for lease

Target Market – Tourists in beachside town, local artists, and community, art collectors, book clubs, social meet-ups

Industry – Art Community, Experience seekers, Coffee drinkers, Tourists, Expand on tourist industry and thriving art community

Management Structures –

Phase One – 2019 – Square One! Complete 15 paintings, and photographs, create online gallery, create business plan, research opening a cafe, find a place to lease, join an art community, pay off credit card debt, collect eclectic gallery items for labeling artwork, lampshades, coffee drip

Phase Two – 2020 – Create Revenue! Apply business loan, Lease commercial studio space, sell basic coffee & scones on weekends, seek out artists to sell at commission, teach a class on weekend, seek out artists to teach classes, research sign-up trackers online, advertise, network, pay off student loans and car, and business loan.

Phase Three – 2021 – Hire two people to serve coffee , teach art classes to public, rent gallery space to artists, become part of artwalk, Paint on a large canvas, get pottery wheel

Phase Four – 2022 – Expand! Ice cream soda, frappes, Apply for second business loan. Relocate. Hire three more employees to expand hours in Summer. Offer more classes, clubs, groups. Sell pottery. Become incorporated

Organization Structure – Owned by me, self-employed, partnered with my two daughters

Legal Structure – Sole Proprietorship

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Kalichoo Gallery

Early this morning on my commute to work, I can’t stop thinking about my future self. Lately, I feel like I am grinding, and investing too much energy in my current job. I find myself daydreaming, letting my imagination take the wheel and driving way out to fantasyland. I am building a vision, and piecing it together. I have been practicing viewing it from first person, rather than third.

So, this is it – I am in my gallery/café, and I am getting ready for a busy day. I am surrounded by art, and can smell coffee. It seems much more natural than the cubicle I work in every day. I have speckles of paint on my hands which magically makes its way to my jeans as I take a step back to sip my latte. I gain perspective from the distance. I am working fervently on a large scale canvas before the sun is even shining. Soon, the customers trickle in, artwork surrounding them. It invokes a feeling of mystery and wonder. The eclectic surroundings are captivating, and the furniture is comfortable.

I believe with all of my heart that if you want something bad enough, doors will open in mysterious ways. The tough part is recognizing the door is open, and then exploring the other side despite the feeling of unfamiliar territory or unexpected detours. I am expecting to be taken in directions I did not plan.

In my current state, I remind myself that all of the doors, absolutely must be explored. In my reality, the longing for something more is turning into small actionable goals. I am at square one, but my actions have the ability to get me where I want to be! There is a lot of learning about what you didn’t come to learn about. My goal is to live a happy and fulfilled creative life. I spend way too much time doing work for other people! OMG! I am clawing my way out of this!

I casually shared my dream with another human being today and she didn’t laugh in my face! Instead she said that she looks forward to visiting my gallery in the near future. My instinct was to let her know that this is just a dream right now. I could have kicked myself as I said it. I obviously need to continue listening to motivational self-help audio books. However it is infectious, and like a kick in the pants! The reason I was so okay with sharing my dream is that it is also the girls’. They totally have a place in this, and are capable of creating artwork on a grand scale! They were awesome business partners for the unicorn cake decorating set we sell on Amazon. We learned you need a brand, or you are just more susceptible to unexpected competition. So we are Kalichoo – Katelyn, Lisa(me), and Chloe! Why not?!

My cubicle neighbor shared with me that her sister went to business school and made a business plan to start a bed and breakfast. She made the plan as an assignment – not a dream. Because she made a realistic business plan, and documented it. It was able to fly off the paper into the universe. The inn manifested itself, and it is flourishing! It became a reality because she cleared a path for it. She told me to just make a business plan.

For now I will work on both, my current and future jobs. Must paint, work on a solid Business Plan, and create/join some kind of art community – I need artwork exposure & volume since I am starting from square one! Again.

Things to do: Paint, Start business plan for Kalichoo Gallery & Cafe, List a painting on eBay

DBA Kalichoo

Hello everyone I would like to introduce myself to you.

If we are supposed to learn from our failures, then I have learned a lot. The path is clear. I am putting this out to the universe, that I have a small business. I have been so afraid of putting my dreams out there that it has become something to keep quiet about. I must say that the one thing my business has been abundant in, is failures. It is more of a shell of a business with two failing products. Amazon FBA was not my destiny.

I am an artist. I love to create in many mediums and would absolutely be passionate and productive if I could devote more time to being creative. The more, the better. Painting has been my go to source of inspiration however I also love sculpture. I absolutely must provide myself with a studio, which is not on the corner of the kitchen counter.

I created a brand, an empty shell. This is my placeholder! The business name is designed by the first two letters of myself and my two girl’s names, Katelyn and Chloe. They are nine and eight, respectively. My business is named Kalichoo.

I am reading, “Girl, Stop Apologizing”, and listening to the audiobook, “Don’t Let Fear Control You”. I am soaking in the powerful mantras and the path is manifesting itself in ways of insight. I am diving in the world of entrepreneurship to live a creative and purposeful life.

Right now, Kalichoo sells unicorn cupcake holders and a cheap unicorn cake decoration set. I took pictures with the girls and we designed the page but we did not have the name of the brand on the image. That was our mistake! A brand needs to be embedded in the experience of the item or even service. People could just take your images, and become a leech on your product advertising.

New Goal: Gallery/Cafe with eclectic design, and comfortable seating, Art collaboration/gallery/studio/for hire, coffee/tea/juice/martinis

First steps: Create many paintings/Donate a painting/Win an art award/Thank you cards, Business plan, pay off debt

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